My goal is to help every athlete I coach make the most of their time spent training. It takes more than simply following a training plan and checking off the boxes. Personalized coaching provides a level of guidance that a generic plan does not provide. Make your training schedule dynamic, so it can work with and complement your real life, not overwhelm it.  Communication is critical.  I have been through the experiences, emotions, stress, success, and failure that comes along with training and racing. Take the guesswork out of your training. Training smart is a careful and well thought out blend of consistent hard work and recovery.

What do you get with personalized coaching?

* Unlimited phone, email, and text messages to discuss your training and progress

* An overall plan – i.e., “the big picture” of your training and racing goals.

* Detailed daily workouts customized for you. I can administer via email, text, phone or via online training log whichever works best for you.

* Detailed instruction on how to gauge your effort and an explanation of those prescribed training intensities.

* One-on-one training based on availability and schedules. (travel and lodging costs not included)