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Blackwater Eagleman

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I’ve finally got this “new” web site up and running but it’s still a work in progress.   If I waited for it to be exactly as envisioned and perfect, well, it would never be up and running.   All part of my attempt at “stepping out” in 2010 which has included helping my friends at Computrainer at some relatively local expos.   Last weekend I made the trip to Cambridge, MD for the Blackwater Eagleman 70.3   The last time I was there was around 1998 when I went to watch several athletes I was coaching and do a father-son weekend with my, then, 4 yr old son.   We went fishing off the bridge and stayed up late watching Bugs Bunny cartoons, the day and night before the race.  Fast forward to 2010.   He’s now 16 and still remembers it – very cool.   This time I made the trip solo knowing I would be spending most of Friday and Saturday working the Computrainer booth at the expo.   I did get out for my friend, Mark’s, pre-race “reverse tri” – easy run, bike then swim – just to loosen things up and make sure all equipment and body parts are functioning.   I guess it was easy for him but it didn’t feel all that easy to me – I will blame it on standing on my feet for 6 hours the day before and not that I am old and creaky.   At the expo I enjoyed seeing a few faces from the past.   I was fortunate to have the Hammer Nutrition booth right across the aisle to keep myself hydrated.   After breaking down the booth, I had a nice dinner and a few Yuengling’s at the Hamner’s pre-race dinner (thanks Noreen and Sam!)

Race day morning arrived way too early but I managed to get enough fuel from my Holiday Inn Express complimentary breakfast before heading back to Cambridge.   I parked well out from the race site so I could make a quick exit when it was time to hit the road to home (having a date with my daughter for a women’s pro soccer game later that day but also wanting to stay for as much of the race as possible, I could not be delayed).   I rode my bike to the swim start and managed to see everyone before they hit the water.   As I had been in the water the day before I was not surprised to hear that wetsuits would not be allowed.

I watched several of the waves finish the swim and looking at the times I would have to agree with virtually everyone’s assessment that the swim course was rather long – I would guess 1.5 vs. 1.2 miles.  Maybe not significant for the pro’s but some of the slower swimmer’s may have been faced with making a swim cut-off and not.   Rough!  The rest of the time I tried to ride and get to as many points on the course as I could, both bike and run.  I ultimately ended up with about 74 miles on my cycle computer.   Nice.  My longest ride since last summer so I am waiting to feel that “fitness bump” within the next day or two.   It used to come at around 2-3 days after a big workout, now it’s more like 8-10!

I must say, I briefly felt some urges to be out there competing and a few thoughts of…hmm, maybe if I get in one more ride and swim during the week I could duke it out with some of these youngsters in a month or two.  That came and went pretty quickly, though.   Maybe when I turn 50.

All in all it was a lot of fun to be out there and watch and I am looking forward to this coming weekend at the Philadelphia Triathlon where I will, once again, man the Computrainer booth at the expo, so if you are there stop by and say hi.  I’ll try to convince to buy a Computrainer or a training plan and you can try to convince me to jump in a couple races by the end of the summer.

Time to stop rambling….  really, just a test to see how this all works…